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the artistry of landscape…

Q Design Group principal Vincent Quartararo has always had a lifelong passion for landscape. From an early age, Vincent sketched his ideas and observed the way that natural landscapes formed.  He was drawn to design through his love for the outdoors. In fact, he spent his teenage years working on a golf course learning the basics of agronomy and horticulture. From this experience  he cultivated his craft and form.


When the time came for higher education, he undertook studies in design, illustration, and art. Vincent voraciously pursued the possibilities of color, shape, texture, and the way all interact together. After college he embarked on travels throughout New Zealand and Europe and settled down on the west coast where he worked for a prominent landscape architectural firm.

After 8 years on the west coast, it was in New York that Vincent finally surrendered to destiny (and legacy) and accepted his calling as a landscape designer in intensity. Continuing his studies in landscape design while working as a lead designer for a large firm in New York, Vincent assimilated the language of landscape and thus the seed that would become Q Design Group was planted.

It took 10 years to make the transition and eventually Q Design Group opened for business in 2011 with a lovely project on the Northfork of Long Island. Since then,  Q Design Group has consistently grown into a multi-disciplinary firm and has implemented some exquisite projects.

our work speaks for itself 


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