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"we have found however, that there is no sharp break necessary between living inside the house and living outside..."

- Garrett Eckbo - 

landscape redefined...


Q Design Group provides complete landscape design services including conceptual landscape/hardscape plans, construction documents, installation, furniture and decor. Offering expertise in landscape, design, horticulture, masonry, and site engineering, Q Design Group works as your liaison and handles all aspects of your design and build project providing you with complete transparency, competitive bidding and the highest level of craftsmanship.  

site planning


Working with your architect, builder and interior designer, as an integral member of your team, Q Design Group focuses on the landscape as a comprehensive piece of the puzzle.  Thinking about the overall property layout at the start of the project allows the professional collaboration to strengthen the cohesion of ideas and grow together to reach the goals of the client. 


Our process:​

  • determining the best principle and accessory structure placement

  • determining working components (i.e. pool, tennis court and terraces) in harmony with natural elemental factors such as sun, wind and topography

  • determining the best height of the finished floor elevations of garages, porches and 1st floors

  • lot coverage calculation of impervious surfaces

  • drywell,  drainage, septic and sanitation calculations

  • conceptualizing the landscape simultaneously to the architecture seamlessly connecting interior and exterior spaces.




Presenting and submitting to building departments, variance, planning, environmental or architectural review boards, Q Design Group can illustrate how your project not only fits the codes and aesthetics but adds to the community.  Before hiring a lawyer, discuss your project with our expediters that can express your project as a tangible dream not a number of the application.   




​With sensitivity to ecology and the natural habitats of our ecosystem and environment, we offer an approach that is not only fitting but elegant in its simplicity.  With years of experience in horticulture, masonry, carpentry and pool design Q Design Group orchestrates the best of the team implementing cutting edge installation techniques while scrutinizing every detail of the work.  


  • planting plans and schedules

  • grading and drainage plans

  • masonry details and layout plans

  • outdoor kitchens and details

  • lighting

  • carpentry details such as pergolas and trellis & entry gates

  • fencing, handrails and pool barriers

  • irrigation schematics

  • 3 dimensional drawings

  • elevations and perspectives

  • color rendered plans


+ build


We are always excited to build our own designs, and are able to insure a smooth transition from the first, broad concept through the completion of construction. the design-build process offers us the opportunity to seamlessly transition between design and implementation, with a hands-on knowledge of construction, as well as a proven sensibility to cost. Offering expertise in landscape, design, horticulture, masonry, and site engineering, Q Design Group can be your liaison to the landscape contracting world.  As the homeowner’s representative, Q Design Group opens up complete transparency to takeoff and estimating by leveling bids and value engineering the budget’s components to get the most out of the trades while coordinating all. 


+ furnish


From concept through construction, to the finishing touches of each projects, we specialize in state of the art products for today’s distinguished client.  By interpreting an individual’s style and needs, Q Design Group can successfully enhance your lifestyle into your homes and businesses. Whether it is traditional, transitional or contemporary, Q Design Group will find a solution for your design vision.

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